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Geraldine Kerr
Maggie Paish
Chris Paish
Andrew Lawrence
Miriam Lawrence
Judith Lambourne
Pam Gates
Jon Gates
Sampson Knight
Katherine Coleman

Lesley Owen
Adam Jackson
Ralph Oswick
Pat Lavendar
Dave Digby
Lucinda Knight
Rebecca Pearce
Chris Hall
Julian Kent
Jane Kent

Jo Lavendar
Kirsty Lavendar
Zoe Rahman
Kim Knight
Nuala Grant
Susan Chadwick
Deidre McKay
Pat Saxton
Ian Sellar
Pauline Burr

Rachel Lawrence
Jane Knight
Charles Todd
Wren Sidhe
Emily Burnham
Stuart Reid
Graham Parish
Melissa Blackburn
Caroline Greville-Morris

Chris Norris
Jane Thomason
David Mathias
Alastair Goolden
Donald Hearn
Didy Morgan
Tom Lawrence
Jane Glaser

Join them in Supporting the film to grow

With the film now finished, we’re raising further funds to create additional resources that will be freely accessible to anyone, right here on the website. Using the rich interview material from our contributors, we plan to develop up to 16 additional audio stories that focus on individual experiences.

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