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Caroline’s Story

In this audio story, Caroline talks about how and why she suffered from psychosis and how a kind and insightful doctor helped her to regain trust in life and to grow from the experience. She also shares her thoughts on how best to help others who might be suffering from mental ill-health and how services might be improved.

Caroline’s Story
Adrian’s Story

Adrian’s Story

Having realized he was suffering from PTSD, Adrian acted on his therapist’s suggestion that he try photography as a way to express how he was feeling. Tunnels and street art turned out to be surprising sources of inspiration, opening a path that eventually led to his establishing a mindful photography practice of his own as a way to help others.

Sue’s Story

After losing her mother and then her husband whom she describes as two of her ‘closest loves’, Sue turned to writing poetry as a way to switch her mind’s focus away from dark thoughts and traumatic flashbacks and towards a more positive awareness centred on living in the moment.

Live on February 1st

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