A short film about

surviving mental-ill health

A woman carries a lighted candle into a darkened tunnel where she finds herself surrounded by disembodied voices — each relating a lived experience of suffering mental ill-health. As these testimonies reach their collective point of crisis, the candle dies… Yet it is here, at the heart of darkness, where all hope seems lost, that ‘the light inside’ can be found. Insight, resilience and the help of others point the way back to reality, wellbeing and the light of day…

Before entering the screening room.


If possible, find a distraction-free space where you can sit comfortably with lights dimmed.


Wear headphones – the best way to experience the film’s binaural soundtrack.


Be mindful that the film does touch on some difficult subjects.

Help someone who is struggling
Train as a Mental Health First Aider

If you’re struggling with your mental health
Visit Bath Mind

Help fund important services
Make a donation to Bath Mind

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Funded by The Victoria Wood Foundation

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